Our Story

Thank you for taking time to pause, and to read a little bit about BeauRam's dreams! 

Beau = French for Beautiful.

Ram = The sound of our 3rd Chakra where our Intuition resides.

BeauRam = Beautiful All Knowing!


In 2009 there was a moment when Yoga saved my life. When I say that it saved my life, it was Yoga and meditation that truly saved my mind, my body and my spirit. Yoga has healed my heart from the PTSD and trauma of all the life stuff. 


As I began to feel so fully empowered and healed from my yoga and meditation practice, I wanted to share it with others! So I became a yoga teacher. It was during that time I realized there was not one bag on the market that carried everything that I needed for my workday as well as my yoga practice. I also wanted to be able carry my mat vertically so I would stop getting stuck in doorways, and keep my true north spinal alignment after a yoga class. Since I was unable to find the perfect yoga bag, I made one. 


I designed the BeauRam Yoga Survival pack for US. The pack that will always have your back. You can grab your Beau and go. Go everywhere!


We are now making the huge jump by moving manufacturing to the motherlands of yoga in Nepal. It was important to me to pay it forward. Our manufacturers create Global Fair Trade jobs for women escaping sex slavery and human trafficing. I sold my home, jumped on a plane and began to vet these companies and learn so much more not only about myself but about how #WE truly are one divine human race! Now, BeauRam Yoga is ready to make the leap. Faith has everything to do with it. This is just how much I believe in Yoga, in meditation and now I believe in myself.


Thank you for being of support. I invite you to follow us on social media to learn more about our story as we work locally to create globally.


I love you, the good kind of love!


StephanieShae Love